What contributes to the excellent quality of life in the city?

Luxembourg recently placed very highly in Mercer’s Quality of Living Rankings, an annual survey of the living conditions in cities around the world. We ranked 19th overall, 12th in Europe and 9th of the cities surveyed that are in member countries of the European Union, and the 6th best placed capital city in Europe. The Ville de Luxembourg has recently undertaken major projects that will further improve the quality of life in the capital, and that are indicative of the city’s dynamism. We are undertaking work to replace and renew much of the hidden infrastructure in the city and to redesign public spaces in parts of the city, to make them more harmonious with our rich heritage.

Portrait de Mme PolferIn addition, we are a partner in the implementation of the tram network, which will make a big difference to transport and traffic flow in the city. And the new Royal-Hamilius complex and the redesigning of the streets in the surrounding area will change the urban landscape of the city and create new public spaces for people to gather. All these projects and many more are required to ensure we can successfully manage a demographic shift that has seen the city’s population grow by 30% in the last 10 years – which is proof that living in the capital is more and more attractive.


Even though it is up to the elected politicians to take decisions, it is important that each citizen contributes to a society of solidarity. It is this spirit of living together that creates the soul of Luxembourg. And we do that in the city with many nationalities – people originating from over 150 different countries live in Luxembourg City and create an environment that is tolerant and harmonious. They do so by participating in many of the activities offered by the Ville de Luxembourg, by actively supporting cultural life of the city and by helping each other and showing that they care.


Mayor of the Ville de Luxembourg