How is the Ville de Luxembourg responding to the need for social housing?

Housing is one of the priorities of the Ville de Luxembourg. The City wants to create opportunities to house those who are not so well off economically. There are numerous building projects currently underway to provide high quality social housing around the city. For instance, on the Val des bons malades in Kirchberg, a project will see the construction of an apartment house comprising three four-bedroom and
one two-bedroom homes, complete with parking spaces, cellars and washroom facilities. Another project that has been green-lighted by the city council will see three two-bedroom apartments built in the rue Vauban in Pfaffenthal.

In total, around 150 homes are being built of which 86 are social housing. The City has a current stock of 527 social housing homes.

The City is also building an apartment project for young and elderly people with Caritas in Beggen, and other student housing is rented out to the University of Luxembourg. And, of course, the Fonds du logement and the Société nationale des habitations à bon marché also build housing in the city.