How important is communication?

Communication is the basis of a democratic society. Only when citizens are informed about what is happening and why something is being done in a certain way, can they form a proper opinion. So we lay great importance on communication.

Communication can take several forms. One very important aspect is direct contact with people. We hold information meetings
at which citizens can hear about projects and developments, but can also voice their opinion and ask questions. Communication is not just about informing people, but also about listen- ing and creating a dialogue.

Lydie PolferIn addition, we use channels such as the written press and broadcast media as well as the digital networks and social media. But direct contact is still very important, and we are lucky because our city still has a human dimension that allows this to happen easily. We host neighbourhood meetings on very specific subjects. This way we can focus on timely projects, which is really important. For instance we had a meeting in Cents that attracted over 100 people about parking spaces attached to the new sports hall and pool that is being built there.

We also want to use the new City magazine to inform people in a very concrete manner about the projects that are being undertaken in the city. This will create a closer connection between the city administration and the citizens. We have decided to retain the publication as a bilingual magazine in French and English, because these two languages allow us to reach the most people.

The goal of communication is not only to inform people about what is being done, but also to increase awareness and interest in the city and to get people to actively participate in its development. So in that spirit, I wish all of you a very happy 2016.

Mayor of the Ville de Luxembourg