Hurray, it’s raining!

“I’m bored, I don’t know what to do…” You’ve heard all that before and the weather is gloomy. No problem, there are plenty of activities to enjoy with the children in Luxembourg, even in winter. And we bet the parents will also have a great time!

1) Moving around

Homme et enfant en train de faire du patinage sur glaceEven if the weather isn’t fantastic, there are a number of addresses where children can let off steam and be physically active. In winter, the Kockelscheuer skating rink comes high on the list. Open to everyone, you can hire skates and helmets on site and even skating penguins to stabilise young beginners. The older ones can use double-bladed skates which provide good stability. Still on the slippery path, the skatepark at Hollerich is open all weekend and up to 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, 8 p.m. on Sundays). Part of the former abattoir (500m2) is now equipped with ramps, tracks and a half-pipe for big thrills on ice.
Those who prefer the delights of water should make for d’Coque. The aquatic centre’s facilities include a paddling pool for the smallest kids, games for slightly older children (including balls, foam frogs etc) and a diving tower for the bigger kids. Swimmers can also visit the Bonnevoie pool or the Badanstalt.

More addresses

  • CK Sport Center: here the racquet predominates! Tennis, badminton and squash are all on offer. You can also do bowling.

  • Kids’Ville: this day nursery in the Beggen district is transformed at weekends into a covered games area for children aged 6 months to 6 years, with a softplay structure.
  • At the city gates: Zigzag at Bertrange, Yoyo at Howald, Les Thermes at Strassen.


The Kanner-Elteren-Center of the Ville de Luxembourg welcomes parents, young people and children and answers their questions regarding leisure activities. It is also possible to rent parlour games or go geocaching (1.3km – around 1h) in the city centre with GPS equipment provided free of charge by the KEC.
Place d’Armes, open Tuesday to Friday from 11.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Going out anyway

There’s nothing to stop you going out well wrapped up and having fun in the open air. Here are some ideas: a walk along a marked path in the Bambësch. By following the “promenade du lièvre” [hare walk] (the shortest one – 4.6km), you will pass by the bisons and donkeys along rue des Sept Arpents (also ideal for learning how to roller skate or cycle since the road is little used) and you can stop for a snack at the Juegdschlass.
The many playgrounds in the city are open year-round. If there’s snow, Laval park has a small hill that’s perfect for sleighing.
Moving around

Free buses

Ville de Luxembourg buses are free of charge on Saturdays and those Sundays when the shops are open.

2) Opening up to all cultures

Luxembourg is chock-full of cultural activities to enjoy with the children. The many cultural facilities all have an educational programme meant for children, covering a wide range of subjects and disciplines.

enfants en train de bricoler For those who love art, a visit to the museum is of course essential. The visit can be made individually, but also with mediators who adapt their explanations to appeal to children. Or the children can be enrolled in workshops, which are usually designed in conjunction with current exhibitions. With such a wide-ranging offer, we recommend that you visit the internet sites of the different museums which set out their programme and activities for children. For example, there’s the “magic suitcase” and storytelling visits at Villa Vauban, or guided tours with theatrical animation at the Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg.
For those who prefer to find out about film production, make your way to the Cinémathèque and its “Cinéma Paradiso” programme. Every Sunday at 3 p.m., a session is reserved for children with adapted programming about cinéma d’auteur. Another option is to borrow a DVD to watch at home. The Cité-Bibliothèque has a fine youth DVD library. And don’t hesitate to browse the well-stocked bookshelves for children in German, Luxembourgish, French and English. Reading workshops are also organised on Saturdays at 10.30 a.m. (by reservation). A pleasant reading room is accessible free of charge.
Apart from these activities, it is also possible to participate in a show. The Rotondes have a wonderful youth programme as do the Théâtres de la Ville (Théâtre des Capucins, Grand Théâtre).
Or why not try a live jazz concert at neimënster, followed by brunch (every Sunday at 11.30 a.m.)?

Other addresses

  • Museums: Dräi Eechelen, Mudam, Musée National d’Histoire et d’Art, Musée des Tramways et Bus de la Ville de Luxembourg. Good to know: the permanent collection of the natur musée is closed in 2016 for renovations, but the temporary exhibition Orchidées, cacao et colibiris [Orchids, Cocoa and Hummingbirds] is open. The Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain is also closed for works from 4 January to 22 March.
  • Cinemas: Utopia and Utopolis
  • Libraries: multimedia library from the Bibliothèque Nationale or the CNA
  • Spectacles: Philharmonie, Théâtre National du Luxembourg, Banannefabrik

Youth culture card

Aimed at 12-25 year-olds, this card offered by the Ville de Luxembourg comprises vouchers to be exchanged for free entrance tickets at many cultural institutions. Available at the Service Jeunesse de la Ville de Luxembourg (28, place Guillaume II).

3) Having a feast

Children are usually little gourmets and educating their taste is a real pleasure for parents. So why not take them on a visit to the market on place Guillaume II on Saturday morning (or the third Sunday of the month at the Glacis or Wednesdays at the place Léon XIII in Bonnevoie.)?

père et enfants en train de bruncher If you prefer to let yourself be served, opt for brunch. Numerous addresses now offer brunch, such as the Mudam Café, at Buvette des Rotondes, Bouneweger Stuff (1, rue du Cimetière), with parlour games and bowling. At teatime, you can go to the Chocolate House (20, rue du Marché-aux-Herbes) where the children will have fun melting their block of flavoured chocolate in a cup of hot milk or at SmooJo (60, Grand-Rue), the paradise of iced yogurt decorated with different toppings.



On Saturdays and Sundays ASAP Concept organises cookery workshops (1h30) at Brasserie de Strasbourg.

One Saturday a month the Sweet Lily bakery holds a Kids Academy during which the children, accompanied by their parents, make amazing decorated cakes.


VDL newsletter for children
This newsletter for children provides information on current school and peri-school activities in the City.

Author: Céline Coubray

Illustration: Nena Peeters

Photographers: Lala La Photo, Anna Katina